Thursday, September 6, 2012

MY hard drive situation :(

About six months ago I lost my primary hard drive. Usually not a big deal however this happened right smack in the middle of the hard drive crisis. There was not a $100 hard drive to be found anywhere. The least expensive options where low end undesirable drives at around $400 at the time and I just refused to do it. The solution was to buy a 120 Gig SSD which was at least monetarily less costly about $220. This was a more desirable drive and I convinced myself that it would be enough as I still have secondary drives with mass storage to save large programs etc. Well it is enough kind of, I generally have about 16 to 30 gigs free at any given time. I have to maintain the drive like crazy moving things off into the secondary storage device to stop it from filling up. I don't like seeing theses low numbers and it drives me nuts. So just a fair suggestion to anyone out there reading this buy at least the 250 SSD gig and save yourself a few headaches!

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