Saturday, August 11, 2012

Notes on Git / GIT HUB

Git add # add file to the stage
  [file name] add file to stage
  . # add all file and sub directories to stage
  -all #add all file in current directory

Git commit # commit staged files
   -m  add a message# " message goes here "

git remote
  add # add a remote to remote list
  rm # delete a remote from the remote list

git remote add #example
     git remote add origin

git init # create a Git repository for current project

git push remote  # pushes code to remote site
    Master (or any branch) send code to stated branch

git pull remote # pulls data from remote and updates local data
    Master(or any Branch) grabs data from stated branch

How to start a new repsoitory
1) Declare the depository on your git site in my case git hub
2) in the root directory of your project issue command ->git init
3) issue-> git add .
4)issue ->git commit -m "inital commit"
5) create remote ie ->git remote add origin
6) git pull origin master
7) git push origin master
That's it your done :)

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